September 2022 :
- "Echo:One" the debut album of Belgian Sludge / Stoner / Noise band GHOST:WHALE is now available as digipack CD.
05 instrumental tracks that immerse us in a hypnotic sometimes psychedelic universe carried by 2 bassists and bewitching samples

May 2022 :
- "Lo-fi Ispovesti" the third Velibor Nikolić album [singer / guitarist of Serbian Alternative Rock band Brigand] is now available as CD digipack
Released both Bitume and the Serbian label Microphonia Records, the album is on the border of Alternative Rock and Shoegaze

- "Love Is Our Way" Diego Annuitti's first album is now available on CD digipack. 12 tracks between Pop, Rock and Folk which represent an introspective journey in the life of the musician.

April 2022 :
- "Raza De Kain" the new EP from Chilean Heavy Rock / Stoner band MasaCritika is now available as CD digipack.
The European version is embellished with the EP "Homónimo" released in 2017.

March 2022 :
Digisleeve 3CD box set celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Nippercreep's band formation is now available.
"Abandon" includes songs released on compilations and tributes, studio scraps, alternatives versions, demos as well as songs from splits.

November 2021 :
- "Melodies From Film(s)" from the Experimental Ambient The RÄAOUF'S IMPRESSIVE ORCHESTRA project is now available as digipack CD ! The R.I.O universe is an invitation to dream and travel. The project is based on improvisation, where accidents create spontaneous and organic music.
The album is also available on streaming and download platforms as well as on bandcamp.

July 2021 :
- "Champ", the second album of the Post-Grunge / Space Metal CONFORT project is now available on digipack CD and cassette. 06 songs that evoke an evening in the 2015 summer which ends with a decisive meeting. The album is also available on streaming and download platforms as well as on bandcamp.

GHOST:WHALE - Elephant Walk


DIEGO ANNUITTI - She Walks Down The Rainbow


Next released :
- October 07, 2022: second album of the Sludge, Doom, Post-Metal project NUIT D'ENCRE

- March 2023 : first album of the project GRANDIOSA MUERTE [Death Metal, Costa Rica]

News :
- The compilation celebrating the two years of the Italian label Nightrain Records is available on the Bitume shop. The compilation includes the track "Phase 3" from the CONFORT project

- Released both BITUME and Microphonia Records, "Lo-fi Ispovesti" Velibor Nikolic new album is available on
streaming and download platforms and on Microphonia Records bandcamp page
The digipack CD version will be available at the end of May

- The 3CD box "Abandon" which marks the NIPPERCREEP band 20 years [Trash Punk / Alternative Metal]
is available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music/iTunes and most streaming and download platforms :
CD1 :
CD2 :
CD3 :

- New label t-shirts are in preparation with artwork by Kazou. The visual represents the hidden brother of the HANSON brothers, named Charles.
He didn't make a career in music, his job was to make sure we always have plenty of watermelons.
To support the label in their production, you can pre-order them on the Bitume's shop :

- The new label shop are available : (Paypal and Credit Card)